Clicks Don’t Buy Cars — HUMANS Do!

Yes, I’m “attacking the clicks” again: Because Clicks Don’t Buy Cars–HUMANS Do!™

The is no competitive advantage to clicks, only to vehicle sales. And clicks just keep on being some asinine and sales-distracting measurement. You have to dig DEEPER to get your competitive advantage.

Examples: I just had a dealer client with 4,000 clicks from website visitors who had never visited before–maybe sounds good, right? And the “click vendor” involved was defending against a cancellation with that “good” information. Nevermind that the clicks bounced north of 95% and never visited more than one page, or that the ‘visitors” averaged on site at 6 seconds (yes, SIX). Anyway, that vendor got the boot, but they had been selling this to the dealer for almost five months!! The clicks weren’t human, they were computer/robotic. NO HUMAN SHOPPERS. And no additional vehicle sales in sight. No Competitive Advantage to Clicks. Exactly.

Speaking of “sight”, another client has a major website provider also doing their PPC/CPC (paid search, aka ‘paid click’), and the provider was sending traffic from PENNSYLVANIA to TEXAS. And that traffic engages better than the local TEXAS Traffic!! So we cut them $5k and reallocated to things that drive HUMANS not CLICKS. Things that will deliver SALES.

What are those things to do to deliver sales? Advertise COMPETITIVELY and don’t just let your ads be “set it and forget it”. Use products that target HUMANS WHO CAN BUY CARS: digital advertising programs that deliver website traffic that behaves like humans; texting services because humans text, a LOT, for God’s sake; Facebook lead generation from humans; and direct mail, because it goes to HUMAN HOUSES. For all you direct mail haters out there, by the way: Wanna prove to me that your digital clicks came from humans, much less were your ads SEEN by humans? Because humans, even when they trash the mail, LOOK AT IT. Direct Mail reaches human eyeballs! Digital clicks can be robots or computer generated and never touch a human at all. And there’s no proof they did.


I’ll have more to say on this over the next 24 months, but for now, remember:

Clicks Don’t Buy Cars–HUMANS Do!™

Have a great rest of the month!

Keith Shetterly

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