COVID-19 “Online Sales for the REST of US” Toolkit from®

Please download either of both of these for guidance on how to run your dealership as long as it is open for sales. Or as long as it is open for service with “showroom-less” sales in concordance with service still being open. 

Call or email ASAP if you need help from® 

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Contact Us HERE   eMail The Bull® FREE Resource: Sell Vehicles With Your FREE Google My Business (GMB) Page!

Better VDP and SRP traffic that will sell cars–for FREE! All from your free Google My Business (GMB) page–instructions here, also for free. 🙂® Case Study: Fraudulent Email Traffic Provides Clicks But No Humans

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Great phone skills come from great phone training of talented sales staff. Here’s a link below to the® “Money PhoneTM” training document. The last two pages are “Cheat Sheets” that any staff can keep by the phone. Enjoy!  Just click this link:® Money PhoneTM

Eight Years of BDC Knowledge. Yeah, that long. 🙂

A summary of BDCs from years of managing, working on, and in, BDCs for Sales and for Service–“in the making” since our first BDC in 2010. The info here should help you understand your BDC and hold it accountable. Just click this link: BullCutter® BDC Manual

Click here to read Dealer Elite’s interview with Keith Shetterly, Owner and CEO, about and how it achieves competitive advantage for dealers. 

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