COVID-19 Online Car Sales for the Rest of Us

COVID-19 Online Car Sales for the Rest of Us

Pressures to close your stores from COVID-19 are building, and you need some of your retail sales online NOW. I’m not talking about becoming Carvana or what some big groups have put in place, on and off, over the last few years.

It’s much simple, and you already have the tools to get much of it done.

1) Attach a fair, legal, and appropriate Sanitize Addendum on every vehicle on your lot to provide a better level of “clean” for the public at vehicle delivery.

2) Get ready to run credit from online applications at a rate you’ve never had. Cost of Doing Business.

3) You will need FIVE steps to sell these folks, not 10 or 12 on some Road to the Sale. They will be focused right now ON SAFETY FROM THE VIRUS AND CONVENIENCE. NOT PRICE.

4) Work EVERY customer from the online retail sales THROUGH YOUR CRM.

5) Get your finance products down to an easy set, and don’t depend on bad or disallowed processes of “leg in the deal”, etc.

6) Do home delivery. Many dealerships already do this, so can you.

If you want to succeed at this and need help, Call Me. I AM THAT GUY.

Retail experience, auto group eComm Director, CRM VP, consultant. And Rocket Scientist. lol.

Keith “BullCutter” Shetterly
[email protected] 281-401-9520

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