Leading Us On . . .


Mike: “Hey, Jimmy, I gotta’ GREAT idea to make crazy money on the few real leads we have for dealers while charging them even more money. Before we starve.”

Jimmy: “I’m sure it’s crazy, Mike, but shoot! I’m hungry.”

Mike: “You know we’re trying to sell our leads to dealers. So, from now on, of the 100 leads we sell, we provide only 25 real leads for each dealer–and then we use your cousin Archie’s email database and create 75 fake leads with whatever crap info he has to make up the rest of the 100. And we charge the dealer for ALL 100 leads, real and fake! And we get at least $20 a pop like they’re ALL real!!”

Jimmy: “What?? Will that work???”

Mike: “Yes! I’m brilliant! The dealers close maybe 15 deals out of their 100 leads—and our ROI is fine for what they pay, so they don’t bitch.  And the dealers waste time chasing ALL the leads, and we look like heroes when they sell cars.”

Jimmy: “What if they don’t close enough of the real leads? And want to cancel?”

Mike: “That’s the best part! In that case, we just grab a few other real leads that were going to the surrounding dealerships and load them up to the dealer threatening to cancel. The other dealers won’t miss them, and even if they do, eventually we’ll be so big that nobody will notice anything except some months their closing ratio goes up and down.”

Jimmy: “Is this legal??”

Mike: “It’s not against any law or regulation itself. It falls under advertising, which is never guaranteed to do anything. And WE certainly don’t guarantee anything.

Jimmy: “What’s the risk?”

Mike: “Well, some adept managers might notice that, no matter how they allocate more and more salespeople to chase the leads down for sales, the lead closing ratio won’t really move much on average. And they’ll also maybe notice that—when they DO contact some folks on the leads we falsely created—that those people don’t remember putting in a lead, at all. But none of that will matter! We have ZERO accountability beyond ourselves, no legal risks, and dealerships don’t understand this and never will. And WE take the money to the bank. And be rich!”

Jimmy:“Cool! You’re a genius, Mike. And they’ll think 10-15% closing is a great ROI and never know about the fake 75 leads!”

Mike: “Oh, and it gets even better. Here’s the real beauty of it all: We haven’t even BEGUN to scratch the surface of this money machine. You see, I think we can also sell the same lead to more than one dealer . . . “


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