GMs: You Have a “Green Pea” Website. And Here’s What to Do About It.

General Managers: Do you realize that modern “Ad Car” is your website? And not just the “Digital Front Door” people talk about? The website, like the old ad cars, is supposed to generate calls, leads, and lead to visits to your showroom. It most likely doesn’t do that very well. At all.

Instead, it drives sales opportunities away like your worst green pea salesperson. And it never sleeps–unluckily for you–doing this wonderful job for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Your Green Pea Websites makes ALL the mistakes. And I mean every one, and then some:

It gives up all your information for no return. Your website tells everything it can about your cars but doesn’t ask for business. Instead, it bumbles out a “lead form” for “more information”. Well, what else can the prospect even be asking for? With pricing, pictures, and descriptions right on the site, without any real reasons (which you CAN give) why would a prospect ever fill out a lead form online these days?

It pays no good attention to your visitors. Your website either leaves the prospect to walk your online “lot” alone, or it pesters the prospects on every page with some chat that’s worse than any green pea–tapping them on the shoulder to talk WITHOUT giving a valuable reason to do so. And doing it likely on every page every minute you will let it happen—because your website vendor, or perhaps your chat vendor, want you to see how many chats they had. So you keep paying them. But I digress.

It doesn’t let the manager know it’s with a customer. Your website has some post-game analytics to tell you about visitors, but it doesn’t engage or let anyone at your dealership know that it has a shopper. Or shoppers, most likely. They just come and go, the green pea sits to the side or answers questions, and you have NO idea until maybe the end of the month that you even HAD visitors.

You can get a better-operating website. You just have to ask the right questions of your website vendor choices. Can your vendor website alert you to owner-base and true shopping visitors in real time? Can it make pop-up offers on specials without being obnoxious? Can it provide chats that convert to leads, rather than convert to exits?

Ask them. They can do this.

I love this business, and I know this short article here can help you.

Have a great rest of the month!

Keith Shetterly

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