How Click Fraud, Robots, and Ad Fraud STEALS SALES from You. And What to Do About It.

First, let’s just look at the size of the problem for the marketplace, then examine the situation for dealers.

Online Ad fraud will cost companies an estimated $16 billion this year. Dealerships are not exempt from this problem.

For dealerships, click fraud via click robots (called “bots”) can be the first thing to identify: Does your traffic look and shop like humans, or does it appear to provide fake click traffic to make advertising bills look good? Most importantly, do you see a sales return from all that online traffic?

Your vendors can help identify and (to some degree) offset the impacts robotic traffic (even Google itself helps), and reputable digital advertising vendors will already BE helping you—but even finding out if they are helping too often takes asking them rather than them telling you. Have your digital advertising vendors even mentioned robotic traffic and its impacts to you? Or are they just quietly invoicing you for their service month after month? What do they say when you ask?

Nothing digital is “set it and forget it”. Click and Ad Fraud are real concerns for dealers, and can falsely increase traffic by hundreds of percent with no sales effect, but this “sales theft” can be greatly mitigated by some tools and also human examination of the traffic as human or bot. The “Legend of Bugsy Seagal” is that he was killed because he sold 800% of 100% of Las Vegas—it’s time to make sure you get all the “Bugsy” out of your own digital advertising!

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