Online Automotive Advertising is NOT a “Participation Trophy Contest”

It’s far too easy for a digital advertising service or agency to send traffic to your website, wash their hands of the situation for sales after that, and hand you their invoice.

Or, they also give you some “custom” reporting that shows how great they areand how much YOU suckand hand you their invoice.

What happens when you question that invoice? Good things, always, but sometimes surprising things, too. We had a dealer client who asked their digital agency to explain their online traffic or they would give 30-day notice on their contract. $25k a month at risk.

The agency didn’t even try and answer them. They simply accepted this as a cancellation and shut off the service and contract.

What kind of advertiser do you have to be in order to walk away from $300,000 of yearly revenue simply because you have been asked to validate your work??

Yeah. We know what type. BAD.

There are GREAT digital advertisers out there. The easiest check for good service is accountability: Did your advertiser mention and/or try to help you install things like basic Google Analytics traffic goals, for example, to measure what their traffic DOES when it arrives at your website?


Ask them why they haven’t, ask for help with the goals now, and also immediately ask them to explain their traffic. Where does it come from? When does it arrive? How long does it stay on your site and on what pages? What does it DO?

And be ready for the truth, either from them in the way they help you find that outor in the way they do NOT. Be sure, these are simple questions, and good agencies can easily answer them and benefit you. Bad agencies will see their “invoice gravy train” drying up when they can’t answer.

Digital Advertising is NOT a Participation Trophy Contest. Especially on a vendor invoice for confusing services.

It is a SALES RESULTS Trophy contest. To WIN. And that’s what you should pay for.

Have a great rest of the month!

Keith Shetterly

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