Careful with JUST a “Sales Match-Back”: Demand Good Web Traffic

Sales “match-back” reports, without solid web traffic to support them, are definitely bogus.

Essentially, sales “match-back” ALONE WITHOUT ACCOUNTABILITY CHECKS are just fake “math-back”.

How? Using a non-vendor-specific hypothetical example (thank my lawyer for that phrasing) of a disreputable email vendor’s program that emails something like 125-150k “in-market” shoppers. The sales match-back report shows 22 sales…and the story is that the emails “touched” these sales, and even if you only bought into 11 sales produced then the dealership’s gross profit is something like (11 x $2k per copy) – $5k for the email = $17k. So you buy the program again.


What?? WTF???

Because, first, just MATHEMATICALLY the size of the email database they use STATISTICALLY GUARANTEES enough matches to justify the program.

YES. They don’t have to send a single email, and just instead provide website traffic. Which a disreputable vendor may well be buying on “the dark web” from robot providers and/or “Stan” traffic (PakiSTAN, AfganiSTAN, etc. where “click labor” is cheap).

I’ve personally verified this “math-back” matching with a no-cost experiment where I sent ZERO emails but got a match-back of 18 cars on a 145k email database.

And, second, you must examine the website click traffic produced by the vendor presenting the sales match-back: If it has ten second time-on-site, 90% bounce rate, and comes from geos in Europe (or across the US), then it is dubious.

What to do to help prevent this?

Demand better accountability and traffic from your email and any paid digital advertising vendors. Yes, REPUTABLE vendors exist and aren’t bad actors–examine the website traffic and hold all digital advertising vendors accountable.

And if you need someone to take a look at your online traffic to discern what IS and IS NOT working, contact The BullCutter! 🙂

Have a great rest of the month!

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